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These are some great soaring pictures.  Scroll down on this page to see them.  Click on a picture to see a larger version.

See additional pictures by clicking a link below:

The additional photo pages don't have a navigaion bar so I can squeeze more pictures onto a page, use your browsers "back" button to return here.
Soaring Photos - Canada If you don't have much time, at least check out these incredible pictures.
Soaring Photo - Idaho Soaring the Tetons up close and personal!
Soaring Photos - Morgan Utah  Duo-Discus flights, a launch and landing sequence, a Schleicher Ka7 restoration, and glider panels and interiors.
Soaring Photos - Parowan Utah pictures taken at Parowan Utah documenting the soaring and records camp held there in 1998.
Soaring Photos - Colorado from a trip through Eastern Utah and Colorado, to soar at Peak Soaring at the Fremont County Airport in Colorado.  Includes a cross country trip to Pikes Peak with ariel view of the top.
Soaring Photos - Viewer Gallery has pictures from soaring pilots around the web who have sent in pictures of their gliders to share with us.

These are some of the gliders and glider related planes flying in and around Utah.

maut598wwuglya.jpg (7052 bytes)
Wayne's tow plane "Ugly" at Morgan Air.
maut698ugdropa.jpg (4751 bytes)
Wayne making a rope drop and landing.
maut698ugtowaira.jpg (2685 bytes)
A typical pattern town w/Ugly and Banana.
maut598smhbya.jpg (5863 bytes)
Stan Mcgrew and his home built "Hobby" (real name).
maut698amspirita.jpg (5629 bytes)
An American Spirit about to take a test-flight.
maut898bontowa.jpg (4457 bytes)
Pilots view when on tow behind Wayne.
maut698ata.jpg (6137 bytes)
Aaron Thompson makes a clean landing.
maut98cfzkq1a.jpg (5313 bytes)
Dale's K8b assembled, cleaned and inspected.
maut98cfzkq2a.jpg (5190 bytes)
Happily posing with the new toy... N869DT for "Toy"DT
maut6982ka1a.jpg (6449 bytes)
The Konecny Alley Duo Discus.
maut8982katowa.jpg (5586 bytes)
2KA on tow for take-off.
maut898capslope2a.jpg (7295 bytes)
Melvin Grossgold working the ridge.
maut898glidera.jpg (5845 bytes)
Richard & Robert Peterson w/their Cherokee II
atls998mgut-1a.jpg (5673 bytes)
Aaron Thompson dry flying his new L-Spatz III
atls998mgut-2a.jpg (4884 bytes)
Aaron's L-Spatz III in Jay's hanger

These pictures show Mike Hostage's Marske Pioneer flying wing

maut698wing1a.jpg (6478 bytes)
A nice looking Marske flying wing, new to the area.
maut698wing2a.jpg (5933 bytes)
The Marske Pioneer wing about ready to fly.
maut698wing3a.jpg (6335 bytes)
The Marske wing on tow, Fighter wing cmdr as pilot.
mhut998mp-1a.jpg (5359 bytes)
Mike Hostage's ballistic recovery system
mhut998mp-2a.jpg (6284 bytes)
upper right felt blows out with ballistic chute, chute harness on left in bag
mhut998mp-3a.jpg (5797 bytes)
Mike getting ready to take the wings off
mhut998mp-4a.jpg (5749 bytes)
The Pioneer with canopy and left wing removed
mhut998mp-5a.jpg (6217 bytes)
The rear view inside the trailer
mhut998mp-6a.jpg (5805 bytes)
The front view inside the trailer

These pictures are from a soaring trip to Hurricane Utah with some Utah flying friends 5/98.   We had a great time and thank Kjele "Kel" Jensen of Whisper Flight for his hospitality.

hcut598lspb41a.jpg (5583 bytes)
Lee Steorts and his Pilatus B-4.  The yellow bi-wing is the Parowan Ag-cat tow plane, all 525 HP of it!
hcut598smhbya.jpg (6666 bytes)
Stan McGrew's Hobby (That's Lee Steorts helping break it down)
hcut598wws1361a.jpg (7613 bytes)
Wayne Wilkinson and his SGS 1-36, Wayne runs Morgan Air.
hcut598wws1362a.jpg (5958 bytes)
Wayne starting to put "Puff" away after a nice long flight.
hcut598sss1231a.jpg (5508 bytes)
Scott Stanford landing his SGS 1-23
hcut598sss1232a.jpg (5063 bytes)
A Closer view of the SGS 1-23

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