These are pictures sent by my friend Mike Glatiotis in Calgary Alberta Canada.  His new ship is a modified HP 18 CF ETQ

Mike's new ship landed in Banff, Alberta

Soaring in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains, picture courtesy Trevor Florence

PW5 exploring the Selkirk Mountains

PW5 exploring the Selkirk Mountains

These pictures are also courtesy Mike Glatiotis, President of the Cu Nim Gliding Club in Calgary Alberta Canada.

mgbc97jmpnla.jpg (7533 bytes)
An incredible shot of the instrument panel in Mike's Standard Cirrus.  Look carefully, he's at 24,000+!
mgbc97scjma.jpg (5427 bytes)
Here's Mike's Standard Cirrus he calls "Jolley Miller".
mgbc97mcz1a.jpg (5542 bytes)
A homebuild K5 (Pic wings, home built fusealage, Jantar tail) High over Cowley AB in the Livingstone Wave.
mgbc97bcicea.jpg (7944 bytes)
The Columbia Icefields north of Golden, British Columbia.  One of the most spectatular and rugged soaring sites in the world.
mgbc97bccaa.jpg (4776 bytes)
The main range running south from Golden B.C., essentially unbroken for more than 250 kilometers.
mgbc97calena.jpg (4528 bytes)
Stacked leticulars over Cowley, Alberta.  The Livingstone wave. 15000' to 25000'
mgbc97jmrtra.jpg (5893 bytes) mgbc97jmvwa.jpg (5618 bytes)
An example of the view out the canopy at 24,000'.
Thanks Mike for these pics, they are no doubt some of the best on the net!

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