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R/C Photos Bash-n-Crash  Includes Foam Bash pictures, along with some misc. pictures.
R/C Photos Soar Utah '98  has many pictures from this Scale event held in Utah.
R/C Photos - Viewer Gallery has pictures from R/C soaring pilots around the web who have sent in pictures to share with us.
R/C Photos - IMSF Events has pictures from IMSF events during 1999.

Soar Utah '98 Pics from Tom Hoopes

thsu98-01a.jpg (6229 bytes)
Tony Elliot launching his DG-600?
thsu98-02a.jpg (7544 bytes)
Dave Garwood "Homo-Slopian", with a funny hat...
thsu98-03a.jpg (6346 bytes)
Tony Elliot launching his Duo Discus
thsu98-04a.jpg (8277 bytes)
Tom Hoopes Northrop Primary Glider
thsu98-05a.jpg (4993 bytes)
Tom Hoopes Northrop Primary Glider
thsu98-06a.jpg (5681 bytes)
Tom Hoopes Northrop Primary Glider
thsu98-07a.jpg (6352 bytes)
Tom Hoopes Northrop Primary Glider
thsu98-08a.jpg (4540 bytes)
Cliff Lindgren launching his Higgins Rodent at Francis Peak
thsu98-09a.jpg (7490 bytes)
Dave Garwood and Brian Laird
thsu98-10a.jpg (5943 bytes)
Dave Wenzlick flying at Francis Peak
thsu98-11a.jpg (6207 bytes)
Tom Hoopes in a Schliecher Ka8
thsu98-12a.jpg (5591 bytes)
Joe Chovan at Francis Peak w/ a Zipper
thsu98-13a.jpg (3606 bytes)
Dave Reese's ? at Francis Peak
thsu98-14a.jpg (3622 bytes)
Dave Reese's ? at Francis Peak
thsu98-15a.jpg (3619 bytes)
Dave Reese's ? at Francis Peak

IMSF Thermal Duration Contest Pictures

These pictures are from the first 1998 Thermal Contest in April.  Thanks to Steve Robinson for these pictures.

imsf498td1a.jpg (6211 bytes)
Dale Taylor launching his ever faithful Banshee
imsf498td2a.jpg (6118 bytes)
Mike Kresser launching Anthony Aquila's Super Vee 100
imsf498td3a.jpg (6772 bytes)
John Wald ready to launch... check out his wing art
imsf498td4a.jpg (5200 bytes)
Dave Taylor, IMSF VP for 1998
imsf498td5a.jpg (5539 bytes)
Scott Marshall about to launch his Spirit
imsf498td6a.jpg (6118 bytes)
A moment of silence..., a little too much winch, the elevator clevis broke.
imsf498td7a.jpg (6218 bytes)
Picking up the pieces... deciding what can go into the next project
imsf498td8a.jpg (5188 bytes) It was a cold and windy day, a very bad start for the season as 5 planes were damaged or destroyed.

These pictures are from the AMA Sanctioned contest in July of 1998.  Thanks to Steve Robinson for these pictures.

imsf798td1a.jpg (7881 bytes)
Tom Hoopes conducting the pilots meeting.
imsf798td2a.jpg (5733 bytes) imsf798td3a.jpg (5870 bytes)
imsf798td4a.jpg (6666 bytes) imsf798td5a.jpg (6661 bytes) imsf798td6a.jpg (6195 bytes)
imsf798td7a.jpg (6205 bytes) imsf798td8a.jpg (5717 bytes)  

IMSF Hand-Launch and Slope Pictures

Thanks to Steve Robinson for these pictures.

imsfhlg1a.jpg (6839 bytes)
Dave, Mike, Tom, Loren
imsfhlg2a.jpg (7208 bytes) imsfhlg3a.jpg (5576 bytes)
imsfhlg4a.jpg (4824 bytes)
Who is this showing excellent form?
imsfpt1a.jpg (5551 bytes)
Curtis and Tom braving the cold and wind
imsfpt2a.jpg (5394 bytes)
Proof we fly in the winter w/50mph+ winds
imsfpt3a.jpg (5618 bytes)
Tom enjoying the cold but wild flight.
imsfpt4a.jpg (4626 bytes)
The storm winds kept howling.
imsfboba.jpg (7403 bytes)
Clarence and Bob Harman enjoying the HLG contest...

Soar Utah '95 Pictures

  Thanks to Tom Hoopes for these pictures.

imsf-su95th1a.jpg (6159 bytes) imsf-su95th5a.jpg (6161 bytes) imsf-su95th3a.jpg (4721 bytes)
imsf-su95th4a.jpg (6310 bytes)
Just what's he looking at?
imsf-su95th6a.jpg (6223 bytes)
This was what he was watching...
imsf-su95th2a.jpg (8483 bytes)
By Wid Toleman, A Thermic-100 and a Frank Zaic floater.
imsf-su95th7a.jpg (6079 bytes) imsf-su95th8a.jpg (8124 bytes) imsf-su95th9a.jpg (4583 bytes)
imsf-su95thaa.jpg (3696 bytes)
A Walt Bub A-6 Intruder, built by Bill Griggs from Syracuse, NY flys from Francis Peak
imsf-su95thba.jpg (7638 bytes) imsf-su95thca.jpg (7580 bytes)

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