These pictures were taken July 22nd, 2000 at Driggs, Idaho and in the adjoining Teton Range.

The view when approaching Driggs

The Blanik gliders

The exciting view near the start of the flight

The Grand Targee detachable quad upper terminal

Working lift looking east, the lift kept getting better

Higher up the angles change, look at the clouds now!

Mount Owen (Jenny Lake on the left), looking east

The Grand Teton, looking east
Circling above the Grand Teton, I took some pictures of lakes and other features.
Jackson lake (with Islands), Jenny lake at the bottom right, Yellowstone at the top

A view of Jenny lake from above the Grand Teton

Snowdrift lake at the head of Avalanche canyon 

Ice Flow lake, just SW of Grand Teton

Hidden lake on South side of Death Canyon
These next few show some broader views in different directions.
Looking N, you can see the Targee Nat'l forest on the Horizon (Lake solitude below)

Looking SE you can see the Jackson airport

Over Grand Teton, looking South to Jackson Hole

Looking west, the Driggs airport is about center
Now for some up close and personal views of the Grand Teton!

The Grand Teton looking NE

The Grand Teton, looking west

Closing in on the Grand Teton... see the hikers?

Three climbers on top of the Grand Teton

Landing after a wonderful day of soaring!
A special thanks to the Teton Aviation pilots who helped me out.
Glenn Vitucci who gave me my check ride.

Mike McCollister who helped find lift so I could work the camera!

If you would like to find out more about soaring the Tetons, click here to see the Teton Aviation web site.

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