Soaring Photos 2

Here's a few shots taken on a flight with Lynn Alley, in the Duo-Discus he shares with Walt.

ladd998mgut-01a.jpg (6071 bytes)
On tow, heading to the mahogony mountains
ladd998mgut-02a.jpg (6048 bytes)
Passing big mahogony on tow
ladd998mgut-03a.jpg (6351 bytes)
Thanks for the tow Stan Mcgrew
ladd998mgut-04a.jpg (6231 bytes)
Working our way up Durst Mountain
ladd998mgut-05a.jpg (5900 bytes)
On top of Durst looking East
ladd998mgut-06a.jpg (4911 bytes)
Above Durst looking West past Mtn Green to Odgen
ladd998mgut-07a.jpg (4903 bytes)
What a day to enjoy time in a Duo Discus!
ladd998mgut-08a.jpg (6044 bytes)
Morgan Utah from the North looking South
ladd998mgut-09a.jpg (6232 bytes)
A perfect thermal turn, 45' and 1,000 fpm up!
ladd998mgut-10a.jpg (4010 bytes)
looking up to see what's drawing us skyward
ladd998mgut-11a.jpg (5676 bytes)
Lynn enjoying the day and the view
ladd998mgut-12a.jpg (5839 bytes)
Hey... who put that camera there
ladd998mgut-13a.jpg (5724 bytes)
Above Morgan, looking west along I-84 to Devils Slide
ladd998mgut-14a.jpg (3948 bytes)
a friend joined us to lead at 11,500'
ladd998mgut-15a.jpg (5717 bytes)
How the bottom of a CU looks when it's time to move on
ladd998mgut-16a.jpg (4415 bytes)
Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake from above Trappers Loop
ladd998mgut-17a.jpg (6682 bytes)
The fall colors and sailplane's shadow
ladd998mgut-18a.jpg (5603 bytes)
landing on 21 @ Morgan, looking South, very peaceful
A special thanks to Lynn and Walt for taking my flying in their Duo... an even bigger thanks for letting me be PIC for some time each flight!

Here's a few shots taken on a flight with Walt Konecny in the Duo-Discus he shares with Lynn.

wkdd9982ka-01a.jpg (5188 bytes)
2KA waiting for a pilot
wkdd9982ka-02a.jpg (4176 bytes)
Lets get this show on the road!
wkdd9982kas123-1a.jpg (6381 bytes)
we slowly climb above a 1-23
wkdd998123a.jpg (6658 bytes)
Another view of the 1-23
wkdd998mgut-01a.jpg (5328 bytes)
getting to the top of Durst
wkdd998mgut-02a.jpg (7785 bytes)
The close treeline as we work the ridge
wkdd998mgut-03a.jpg (6420 bytes)
We hit a good bump here on our way up.
wkdd998reflecta.jpg (6224 bytes)
The white panel gave the camera reflections.
wkdd998mgut-04a.jpg (4296 bytes)
Heading for home as the coulds over-develop
wkdd998mgut-05a.jpg (3892 bytes)
Check out the rotor clouds... it's getting ugly up there!
wkdd998mgut-06a.jpg (5966 bytes)
Ah the safety of your home airport.
wkdd998mgut-rwy03a.jpg (5681 bytes)
Morgan Utah, looking down rwy-03 from pattern altitude

These pictures show a typical launch and landing.  These pictures also document my first solo flight.  I accomplished my "A" badge on Saturday, May 16th, 1998 at the Morgan Airport in Morgan County, Utah.   That's enough self-congratulations, you want to see pictures...  Thanks to Jay for the great pictures.

Here's the launch sequence...

dtsolo1a.jpg (7453 bytes)
Seatbelts on, review checklist, when ready to fly give thumbs up to the wing runner.
dtsolo2a.jpg (5950 bytes)
Wing runner lifts wing, pilot wiggles the rudder and radios tow pilot to get things rolling.
dtsolo3a.jpg (6278 bytes)
After just a few steps, the wing runner lets go (notice his hand is off the wing in the shadow).
dtsolo4a.jpg (5717 bytes)
As the wing runner slows, the planes rapidly pull away.
dtsolo5a.jpg (6417 bytes)
Gaining speed, the glider is ready to lift off.
dtsolo6a.jpg (6346 bytes)
Glider stays low waiting for the tow plane to lift off too.

Here's the landing sequence...

dtlndg1a.jpg (5044 bytes)
Lined up on final, spoilers open to control descent.
dtlndg2a.jpg (5275 bytes)
Nice and level, spoilers open to about half.
dtlndg3a.jpg (5776 bytes)
Just over the fence, now only seconds away from touch down.
dtlndg4a.jpg (5823 bytes)
Time to close the spoilers and soften the landing, keep it smooth...
dtlndg5a.jpg (6115 bytes)
Glider pushed back in position, instructor (Jay) congratulates student (Dale).
dtlndg6a.jpg (6780 bytes)
I'm excited to go again, can I? Can I?  Are we all ready?

These are the gliders I've been fortunate enough to fly so far.

maut598s233a.jpg (5926 bytes)
A SGS 2-33 at Morgan Air in Morgan Utah, we call it the Banana.
hcut598kjbl13a.jpg (6003 bytes)
A Blanik L-13 at Whisper Flight in Hurricane Utah.
hvut598su233a.jpg (6132 bytes)
A SGS 2-33 at Soar Utah, Inc. in Heber City Utah.
tfvac898pks233a.jpg (7952 bytes)
A SGS-233 at Peak Soaring in Penrose Colorado.

These pictures show Jay Thomson's Ka7, which he's currently rebuilding.

maut598jtka71a.jpg (4664 bytes)
Metal tube fuselage, view from the left rear looking forward.
maut598jtka72a.jpg (5868 bytes)
Metal tube fuselage, view from the left front looking aft.
maut598jtka73a.jpg (7523 bytes)
The forward panel with instruments in place.

These pictures help explain how things are laid out in a modern fiberglass glider.   Thanks to Jay Thomson for letting me take these pictures of his beautiful ASW-19 -- Jay, if you ever want to sell it, let me know ;-)

maut598jt19pnla.jpg (8519 bytes)
The pilots view of Jay's panel.  The radio is cut-off at the very bottom.
maut598jtapnl2a.jpg (7760 bytes)
Jay's panel as seen by the pilot with the tinted canopy closed.
maut598jt19pdla.jpg (8800 bytes)
Shows the rudder pedals and a partial side view of the panel.
maut598jt19spla.jpg (8422 bytes)
Note spoiler control (on left, handle down) and the landing gear control just below it (handle up).
maut598jt19oxya.jpg (5594 bytes)
The oxygen system is installed to the right of the seat, the tank is bolted in and not visible.
maut598jt19wrta.jpg (6507 bytes)
Shows how the fuselage sits in a saddle and rolls into the trailer.
maut598jtasw19a.jpg (6118 bytes)
An assembled picture of Jay's ASW-19.
hcut598lspb42a.jpg (7499 bytes)
The panel in Lee Steorts Pilatus B-4.

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