These pictures were taken July 12th,1998 at Parowan Utah, to document the happenings for the Soaring and Records camp held there from July 11-20,1998.

pwut798hp14t1a.jpg (4540 bytes)
Ward Hindman and his HP-14T N22DJ
pwut798agcat1a.jpg (5660 bytes)
Dave Norwood warming up the Ag-cat.
pwut798agtowhp1a.jpg (5055 bytes)
Ward jumps ahead with the first launch of the day.
pwut798agtowhp2a.jpg (5619 bytes)
The Ag-Cat gets things rolling in a hurry!
pwut798991a.jpg (5158 bytes)
Chuck and Walt Griffen get the ASW-24 "99" ready.
pwut798992a.jpg (5358 bytes)
Chuck's ready to roll w/Dick Horn running his wing.
pwut798ge1a.jpg (4960 bytes)
Now it's Dick Horn's turn to fly in his Discus "GE".
pwut798agtowge1a.jpg (6500 bytes)
There goes "GE" for a picture perfect take-off.
pwut798k31a.jpg (5207 bytes)
Gunter Pawski in his LS6 "K3" is next up.
pwut798mn1a.jpg (5259 bytes)
Tony Gaechter's next in his LS4 "MN".
pwut798misc1a.jpg (7686 bytes)
With a few planes still left to fly, the gear's piling up.
pwut798aglanda.jpg (4100 bytes)
Dave doing a rope drop and landing, see the next 2 planes ready to roll.
pwut798agdavea.jpg (6550 bytes)
Dave between tows waiting for me to get things connected.
pwut798b41a.jpg (6142 bytes)
Marc Emley in a Pilatus B-4.  Daughter Kristen runs the wing with help from Lee Steorts.
pwut798371a.jpg (4895 bytes)
Don Cunningham in his ASW-20C "37" climbs in for a long flight.
pwut798pe1a.jpg (5530 bytes)
Rolf Peterson takes off last... but he landed last so it's all even?
That's all the planes that flew the day I was there to take pictures... pwut798u41a.jpg (5793 bytes)
Dale Thompson and David Rhodes show up and put together their 1-35 "U4" but don't get to fly today.
Many hours later they start showing back up at the airport.   No land-outs on this day.  Tony Gaechter got both a 300k and a 10k vertical task. pwut798mn2a.jpg (5775 bytes)
Tony Gaechter ties down "MN" for the night.
pwut798k32a.jpg (5784 bytes)
Gunter packs his glider up for the night.  Don Cunningham does too in the background.
pwut798peland1a.jpg (6141 bytes)
Rolf makes a beautiful landing late in the day
pwut798peland2a.jpg (7310 bytes)
The runway's hiding behind those bushes... I promise.
pwut798agcat2a.jpg (6339 bytes)
The Ag-Cat tucked away for the day shows just where we are.

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