This is a list of the changes made to this web site over that last few years.

12Jun04 - added discussion of an off-airport landing, linked to from the flight log page.
19Apr04 - updated the main page, added a flight log page.
Often - the Utah Soaring Records page has been updated many times.
17Apr02 - updated the Utah Soaring Records page with the latest records.
11Aug01 - updated the Utah Soaring Records page with the latest records.
02Apr01 - removed the netminder stuff from the main page since they charge now.
31Jan01 - updated the soaring webring page with updated links and info.
09Oct00 - updated bottom border for easier movement in site.
19Sep00 - fixed left border problem with Explorer -vs- Netscape.
23Jul00 - added Soaring Photos, Idaho with pictures of soaring the Teton Range.
27Jun00 - added Soaring Photos, Canada, updated soaring pics.
12Jun00 - update the SLC Soaring forecast link.
25May00 - added images to the Viewers Gallery.
31Mar00 - updated Soaring Events page for Parowan 2000, updated links.
12Mar00 - changed the IMSF links to point to their new site
18Jan00 - upgraded the R/C4Sale area with new forum software.
25Dec99 - moved non-soaring images to DTPhotography.
22Sep99 - added IMSF event pics taken during 1999.
24Aug99 - added a studio work page, showing some recent studio work
04Aug99 - added panoramic pics to the digital pano page, more to come
03Mar99 - updated the 1999 IMSF calendar
07Jan99 - added pics to the portfolio page, my recent favorites
13Dec98 - added pics to R/C Bash page, added SU'98 pics to R/C page
20Nov98 - added R/C links to the Links page, updated this page
14Oct98 - added an R/C Viewers Gallery page with several pictures
02Oct98 - added the Soaring WebRing, all soaring related sites are invited to join
01Oct98 - added Marske Pioneer wing, Duo-Discus, and L-Spatz III pictures to Morgan Utah and Soaring Photos pages
30Sep98 - added more pictures to the Viewers Gallery page
29Sep98 - added pictures of a Duo Discus flight to the Morgan Utah page
28Sep98 - added more pictures to the viewers gallery page
25Sep98 - added a Viewers Gallery page w/full scale glider pictures and comments
21Sep98 - added 36 pics to Soar Utah '98 page from Scott Marshall.
11Sep98 - added Soar Utah'98 page and pictures, updated main page.
27Aug98 - added pics to home page, added Soaring Stories page (w/Pikes Peak)
26Aug98 - added Pikes Peak pics to Colorado pics page, added more pics to Soaring Photos page, added Morgan pics to Soaring Sites, new sunset to portfolio
20Aug98 - added 2 pics to Portfolio, 1 pic to Soaring Photos
17Aug98 - moved pics from Soaring Photos to Morgan Photos, better balance
14Aug98 - added pics to R/C Photo page 2
12Aug98 - added a portfolio photos page with favorite pictures
11Aug98 - updated the Soar Utah'98 page with event information document
10Aug98 - updated the Soaring Sites page
29Jul98 - updated the Soar Utah'98 page with t-shirt pic, homepage too; updated Links and Soaring Sites pages
28Jul98 - removed comments area, added many more links, updated R/C Sites
24Jul98 - added IMSF contest pictures to the RC Photos page
15Jul98 - added to Soaring Photos, added Photos page 3
09Jul98 - updated Soaring Sites, updated R/C links and R/C Sites
03Jul98 - added R/C For Sale area, added R/C Stories, resized R/C Photos

This page was updated Wednesday, June 16, 2004.

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